Better data.
Better solutions.

Power your digital solution with data from all Nordic banks. Our Account Information Service API enables you to build unique, personalised services with ease.

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The new era of payments

Give your users the possibility to pay directly from their bank accounts with our Payments Initiation Service API - fast, easy and secure.

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Why wait for innovation? Access all banks in the Nordic countries today with our API.

Realiable setup

We monitor and maintain more than 300 API connections.

Secure solution

We manage credentials and user information with the highest level of security.

Stateless service

We never store credentials or account information. You control the data.

Global invite to the Nordics

We welcome any company, small or large, from any industry and from anywhere in the world. No matter if you’re a financial institution, retailer, ERP provider, fintech or startup. You’re all invited to the Nordic countries.

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Take the lead. Innovate today.

With the EU payment directive PSD2 in place, banks are required to give third parties access to banking data. Now, all businesses are able to create new services that people love — and offer new ways to initiate payments. Get started today with Nordic API Gateway.

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Solid ground for unknown territory

With the highest security standards and PSD2 compliance, Nordic API Gateway is the perfect foundation for exploring and creating new business opportunities.

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Nordic API Gateway app

Enough said. Take it for a spin yourself.

Go ahead. Try our demo and experience how easy and fast you can access your own banking data.

We ❤️ Developers

That’s why we build Nordic API Gateway with a clear focus on simplicity. Easy to build with. Easy to setup. Easy to love.

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