About Us

Nordic API Gateway was founded by Rune Mai (CEO) and Guðmundur Hreiðarsson (CTO). We built Nordic API Gateway on the foundation of Spiir A/S - The most popular money app in Denmark with more than 380,000 users.

Since 2010, our goal with Spiir has always been to create an intelligent app that automatically helps people to live the life they want with the money they have and to make personal finance less boring and more fun.

Now, with Nordic API Gateway, we want to help all companies create innovative digital solutions. Because innovation shouldn't be complex. It should be simple.

That's why we built Nordic API Gateway as an easy plug-and-play solution. A single API that connects you to all the Nordic banks and gives you accounts and transactions data from real users. All you have to focus on is building new digital services that benefit you and your customers.

It’s innovation made easy.

The team

Catch a small glimpse of the team that will help you create the next big thing. We’re a mixed bunch of talents with a wide range of expertise and skills - from passionate developers to digital strategists and everything in between. So no matter what you want to build, we got your back.

Let’s create awesome things together!