Connect and conquer with Viia

Viia is a new and powerful account information service (AIS) that keeps you ahead of industry expectations - and the competition - by letting you innovate on top of your users’ bank data.

Connect, build and deliver better-than-ever services without having to worry about PSD2 complexities. Because innovation shouldn’t be complicated and stressful; it should be simple and fun for everyone.

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It pays to partner with Viia

Whether you’re a small- or medium-sized business, startup or other niche service, acquiring the right PSD2 expertise, licensing and certifications can be an expensive and exhausting task. Boasting the advantages Nordic API Gateway offers, Viia empowers you to build faster, more innovative financial solutions right out of the box - so you can continuously grow your reliability and ROI from day one.

Automatic management of transaction data and credentials.

PSD2 compliant notifications on new and updated transactions.

Onboarding of users, their banks and their accounts.

User consent management ensures control of which services are granted consent.

Get started straightaway

Enable your users to share their financial data with the services they love - all with the click of a button - even if you don’t currently fulfill the account information service provider (AISP) requirements.

Already an AISP? No problem. Viia can also help grow your business or you can get in touch with us to discover other solutions designed to optimise your offerings.

Effortless integration

Because Viia is built on top of the simple yet powerful innovation of Nordic API Gateway, integration into your current infrastructure is a breeze. You’ll get all the advantages of plug-and-play API technology along with onboarding flow, management of transaction data and authentication, and notifications when new transaction data is available - so you can build a POC in just a few hours. Viia does all the heavy lifting so you can concentrate on what matters most. Your business.

Fully transparent facilitation

Viia is a completely upfront and open account information service. There is nothing stored, shared or optimised without the consent of your users. The only data Viia interacts with and allows you to access is the data your users choose to reveal.

Enable users to share their data with the services they love

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